Frequestly asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

From the recruitment homepage you can search for a vacancy by selecting the role you wish to apply for from the drop down menu. Alternatively you can search existing vacancies by clicking on the search vacancies button on the homepage.

You can register on line to receive regular vacancy alerts, as well as visiting our careers site.

By registering your details, you will be able to maintain and update your details quickly.

The website can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. If you don't have internet access at home, ask a relative friend or neighbour if you can use their computer for your job search.
You can set up your own email account on a computer at your local library or other local facilities, however, these may vary so check out shopping centres and community centres in your area. If in doubt, contact the recruitment team by clicking on the Contact Us - Application query button at the bottom of this page and completing the query form.
Free email accounts can be set up through providers such as, and Just log onto their websites and follow the instructions. Setting up an email account with one of these web-based providers means you'll be able to access your email using any computer with internet access. To keep your personal details safe, always remember to logout from your account if you are using a shared computer.

On the landing page click on the Login button and then click the ‘Forgot Password’. You will be asked to enter your email address and submit these details. You should then log onto your e-mail account to retrieve your password reminder.

As you are completing your online application form, please bear in mind that our system has automatic time-outs built in. You will be logged out of the system after 45 minutes of inactivity (i.e. not clicking on links or 'save and exit' buttons on the sections of the application form) and you may lose information which has not been saved. Therefore, please save your information regularly by clicking 'save and exit'. We also recommend that you compose your answers to longer questions, (i.e. those with free text areas) off-line in a word processing package and then copy and paste your answers into the form. This ensures that you can spell check your text and that you have a backup version of your answers.

Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*).

Yes, you can print out a summary once you have fully completed any part (or all) of the application form.

After submitting your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email. Your application will be shortlisted following the closing date, and it is likely you will be notified of the outcome within 4 weeks. If you are successful, you will be invited for a first stage interview, however the length of this process is dependent on the job you have applied for.

New vacancies are advertised on the site on an on-going basis. It is worth visiting the site regularly to make sure that you don’t miss out on any new vacancy opportunities. Alternatively you can register for specific vacancy alerts.

If you have applied online and have included your e-mail address and contact telephone numbers, we will use one or both of these routes. If you have applied via another method, then it will be dependent on the information you have provided.

In compliance with GDPR, your details will remain on record for 18 months from the time of your last application. After 18 months, if you have not applied for any subsequent roles, your account data and all associated information held within the system is anonymised and cannot be retrieved.

Your details will only be seen by the Recruitment Team and the Line Manager or recruitment panel responsible for the vacancy you have applied for, unless you are successful in securing a role then the registration form you have completed will be used to complete the on-boarding process including your contract of employment.

Wherever possible, we would like applications to be made online. However, if you experience difficulty in using the online method, please complete a query form by clicking the ‘Contact Us - Application query’ button at the bottom of this page.

Your e-mail address will be your user ID and you will be asked to supply a password. It is important that you do not lose or forget these as you will need them to access your application form. To allow you as much flexibility as possible, you can revisit your form as many times as you need to before submitting it. It is not necessary to complete the application form in one visit. If, at any time, you want to change your password click on the ‘Settings’ option on your candidate portal.

When you registered for your account, you will have accepted our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy / Cookie Policy, but if you would like to read these again, you can do so here:
Privacy / Cookie Policy: Click Here
Terms and Conditions: is a collaboration of public sector employers led by Wigan Council who are responsible for this system. The list of employers involved can be found in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.
By registering your application and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you have agreed that the information contained in your application may be used by us for recruitment and Human Resource purposes. This includes your consent that we can verify any of the information provided by you for recruitment purposes, such as taking references and verifying educational and other achievements.
The information you provide will be used by us for administrative and management purposes, for employees and prospective employees, and for compliance with applicable procedures, laws and regulations to which we are subject.
You agree that your personal details may be held, processed and disclosed to third parties, both electronically and manually, by the employers for the purposes of the recruitment or employment process.
You agree that we will keep your application in line with the Privacy and Cookies Policy. You have the right to delete your personal data at any time.
Once you register your details you agree to notify us of any changes to your personal data whilst you are registered on this site.
You agree that the information provided by you is true, accurate and up-to-date and is in no way misleading, deceptive or inaccurate or likely to mislead or deceive. You understand that if any of the information is found to be untrue, inaccurate or misleading, we reserve the right to withdraw any offer of employment or to terminate any employment already commenced.

You can request for your account to be removed from the ‘Settings’ option on your candidate portal.